Frequently asked questions about piercings

I am not yet 18 years old and I want a piercing. Is this a problem?

In this case, you need a written confirmation, signed and fully filled in by your parents or legal guardians, signifying they agree to the piercing. Download and print the form here. bring it with you for the piercing, fully filled out and signed. Of course, you can also bring your parents.

How long does the piercing heal?

For the healing time of each piercing, see Piercing Care. Check it out. By complete healing of a piercing we mean the moment when the piercing canal is completely lined with new skin.

Can I bring my own jewelry?

Bohužel to nejde. Aplikační šperk musí mít správnou velikost, tvar a materiál a hlavně musí být sterilní. Používáme jenom kvalitní šperky z atestovaných materiálů a to je něco, co u vámi přinesených šperků nedokážeme ověřit. Pokud ale chcete designově zajímavý aplikační šperk, nezoufejte – máme velký výběr šperků z řad premium a luxury, které bez obav můžeme použít.

How much does a piercing hurt?

Piercings can generally be divided into almost painless (earlobes, tongue, frenulum), low pain (septum, lower lip, eyebrows, undemanding cartilage such as helix, conch), moderately painful (nostril, upper lip, navel, more demanding cartilages such as rook, tragus, superficial genital piercings) and painful (nipples, more demanding genital piercings). However, everyone perceives pain differently, so there are also those for whom the tongue piercing was extremely painful, but they almost did not feel the nipple piercing.

Our piercers and piercers are very experienced, they guide the needle during injection quickly, accurately and sensitively, thus minimizing pain. That's why it is said that piercings in Hell do not hurt.

The pain will be less when you are well fed, rested and fit.

Can piercings be anesthesized?

We do not do desensitization of the piercing area in Hell. None of the available tranquilizers (numbing sprays and creams) have a sufficient effect during piercing. And a desensitized piercing doesn't make sense – you don't let yourself be pierced to not feel the piercing!

Of course, we understand that you can be afraid of pain, so our piercers do everything they can to make the piercing as pleasant as possible. Piercings are done quickly and sensitively with regard to the least possible pain. And do not forget that it is said that piercings in Hell do not hurt.

Piercing in the studio or at the doctor's?

There are few doctors who have sufficient experience with piercings. But this does not diminish their abilities of doctors. However, doctors have usually never tried piercings on their own body, they lack experience, feeling in conducting the puncture and, last but not least, they have no experience with practical wearing and healing of piercings. Most doctors additionally often choose an inappropriate piece of jewelry. Whether the doctor uses a needle or a nail gun (read below about why this is abhorrent), the application of a piercing is an exceptional affair for him.

Hell has experienced and legally certified piercers who have a close relationship to the art of piercing, have several of them themselves and know what each piercing entails. They have knowledge of anatomy, physiology and acupuncture, and further they do several dozen piercings a week.

Is it better to shoot the earring with a piercing gun, or pierce it with a needle?

In Hell, we only perform needle piercings. The use of a piercing gun is considered by us, and the entire body modification community, to be a disgrace.

Shooting earrings

  • The gun cannot be sterilized. It is only sprayed with disinfection, so it is disinfected, but not sterile.
  • The hole in the tissue is pierced directly by the end of the earring. It is pointed, but it is a conical tip that rather tears the tissue and does not pierce it cleanly as is the case with a piercing by needle.
  • The length of the jewelry is a universal size. This is usually a problem when the ear is swollen after the procedure.
  • one should also consider how often earrings are pistoled in a cosmetic studio, i.e. what kind of experience they have and how quickly, accurately and also symmetrically they are able to apply the jewelry.
  • The most common argument for shooting is that it is a quick process. True, piercing the ears with a cannula takes a little longer than shooting. After the needle piercing (the puncture itself is as fast as shooting), a piece of jewelry is put into the cannula, which is stretched through the hole and then it is already done. The overall process will be extended by about 30 seconds compared to shooting.
  • With a nail gun, you can only shoot an earring in the ear or nose.

Needle piercing (this is how we do it in Hell)

  • The classic and cleanest way.
  • The piercing is done in sterile gloves with a disposable sterile cannula. Sterile jewelry is stretched through the piercing canal using this cannula.
  • The jewelry is pre-sterilized.
  • The jewel has a suitable size for possible swelling. After a few weeks, you go to the studio to shorten or replace the jewelry.
  • The jewelry is made of appropriate material and has a shape that facilitates healing.

Do you pierce the ears of babies and small children?

In general, we recommend that you wait until the child decides they want their ears pierced. Read the options for piercing the ears of children and how our piercers see it.

Only one of our piercers dedicates himself to piercing babies, that is Míla Bugtcher. He pierces the ears of children from the end of the puerperium to 1 year (the ideal is the age of 2-5 months), and after that timeframe only from 12 years onwards. Piercer Mirka pierces the ears of children from 6 years onward who choose themselves.

I have diabetes, can I get a piercing?

Diabetes and piercing are not mutually exclusive. However, the body of diabetics has more difficulties to heal, so there is a greater risk of infection or expulsion of the jewelry. Therefore, please ask your treating doctor whether you can get a piercing or not. With mild diabetes, this should not be a problem. Nevertheless, always (even in cases of mild diabetes) consult your doctor in advance. Don't forget to tell us in advance that you have diabetes so that we are prepared for your eventual reaction.

Diabetics generally heal harder, so don't neglect to take care of your new piercing and pay close attention to it. In case of any problems with the healing, do not be afraid to contact us. Don't neglect your regular food intake, especially after a tongue piercing, even if it may not be very pleasant. Eat a mushy diet (yogurts, porridge, mashed fruits).

How do I become a piercer?

Let's start from the end. The last thing is to secure the relevant trade license, because it is a licensed trade. But a Piercer is made by knowledge and experience. Completing a preparatory course is a good start, but you must continue to collect theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

You must know

  • principles of work sterility, taking care of tools, and automate these processes and unconditionally adhere to them.
  • how the body can react to this or that piercing
  • what complications can occur, what a complicated healing looks like and how to deal with that
  • when piercings can and when they can not be applied
  • specifics of the used jewelries, shapes and materials
  • how to talk to the customer, how to calm him down
  • how piercings heal and how to care for them
  • you have to manage nervousness, believe in yourself and have a steady hand

Practice, of course, is the basis. But before you start learning on yourself or your friends, study the theory and never do a piercing that you don't fell comfortable in doing yet.

What piercings are not pierced in the summer?

In the period from May to August, we do not recommend piercings whose healing process takes long, or is more involved. These are navel piercings, nipple piercings, cheek piercings, christina piercings, microdermals off the face and surface piercings. We recommend postponing these piercings to the fall. We write in more detail about piercing in the summer on our blog.

Can I get a piercing if I'm sick?

If you do not feel completely fit or are even sick, please phone us. We will not be angry with you for being sick and cancelling the appointment. On the contrary, we will appreciate that you are responsible to yourself, to our piercers and to your piercing.

What is a microdermal piercing?

A microdermal piercing, microdermal or microdermal implant is a type of piercing that, thanks to the special shape of the jewelry, can be placed almost anywhere on the body.

In the case of microdermals, the skin is not pierced with a needle. A tool called puncher is used, which is a circular scalpel with a diameter of 1.5–2 mm. It basically works like a miniature candy cutter. With it, a circle is cut into the skin and an oval base of the microdermal is inserted into the resulting hole so that only the stem of the jewelry protrudes through the hole after the puncher. The soreness by a microdermal piercings is not greater than by classic or surface piercings.

What is a piercing lace-up?

A piercing lace-up or piercing corset consists of two rows of piercing rings connected by a bow. Most often they are placed on the exposed back, but this way you can also decorate the neckline or arms. The soreness by this procedure is not drastic and being truly original is definitely worth the bit of pain. Check out the article 6 tips on how to wear a piercing lace