Earrings for the baby: how our piercers see it


A little girl is born. It is healthy, beautiful and grows like spring: "And when will it have earrings?" asks grandma. But you're not sure if it's a good idea. The opinions of our piercers and piercers based on expertise and personal experience can help you make your decision.

In Hell, only one piercer has been piercing earrings for babies for many years – Míla Bugtcher. Read also how it works and why we are fundamentally against pistoling.

Often, earrings are pierced for girls just because it's just done that way. But this is not the case everywhere. In Germany or Switzerland, it is a controversial intervention, while in Latin American countries it is almost a law. The first earrings are often even a family heirloom. After all, even in our country, earrings are a popular gift for a baby.

Opinions of piercers and piercers

Ibelieve that education is particularly important. If parents decide on a permanent intervention in the body – the appearance of the offspring (lobes pierced for a baby do not grow back, after years of wearing earrings), they should know all aspects, ethical, practical and aesthetical and decide for a piercer who has enough experience, positive reviews, doing the ears well and symmetrically.

Otherwise, I am basically against piercing the ears of children in general, because it is the 21st century and traditionally pierced lobes can be an anachronism in a few years. I myself have pierced the lobes several times in "more interesting" places than their center. For example, two jewels above each other, a triangle and so on. Unfortunately, this option will be impossible, if the middle of the lobe has been pierced, and that's a shame.

Also interesting are the questions of how the piercer should proceed if the parents came with a boy to pierce the lobes, or wanted to pierce more earrings at once?

Shemonpiercer and modifier
Ithink that earlobe piercings in children are not a good choice. Leaving aside the common objections that the child cannot decide for himself, that he can later regret the parents' decision, etc., the main problem lies in the health and aesthetic aspects of the procedure.

An indispensable aspect of the application of piercings is soreness. When piercing the tissue, a small child is exposed to unnecessary pain, the reasons for which it does not understand. However, I have to admit that when I saw Míla working with his "youngest clients", I was impressed by the speed and calmness with which he works, so the whole procedure did not go as unpleasantly as I had imagined.

Even so, I think that piercing children's lobes is unnecessary and premature, especially if I recall the joy of about eight-year-old girls who leave our salon with a new piercing and pride that they "adult" overcame their fear of piercing.

Every parent should note that when healing a piercing, no matter how professionally it is performed, complications may occur. Thus, the child is unnecessarily exposed to stress. In addition, the infant naturally cannot tell the parents and the piercer what is bothering him, so the solution to any problem is more complicated.

According to medical conclusions, girls stop growing at fifteen, boys at sixteen years. As long as they grow, so do their lobes. Contrary to popular belief, ears no longer grow in adulthood. However, it changes its shape due to gravity and tissue aging. Unfortunately, the lobes sometimes do not grow symmetrically, so even a precisely measured piercing can end up in a place that does not look so good at an older age.

Asa professional piercer I pierce the ears of a child only from a certain age. It is not so much a concrete number, although generally it is from 5-6 years, as I wish for a free decision for a piercing. When someone sits in my chair, I want them to make a conscious and voluntary decision. I don't want to persuade anyone there, hold them by force, force them to do anything.

Piercing on any part of the body is a certain change, a decoration, expression of individuality. Everyone should decide on their own appearance. I experienced several cases when I consulted with the customer about the possibility of getting rid of the piercing or the subsequent scar, because she was not satisfied with the earrings, she did not identify with them. Unfortunately, years after the puncture, this is often not possible without surgery.

With smaller children, it is sometimes difficult to perform a piercing, because even if they want a piercing, the fear can be greater. However, with the right approach and a little patience, it is not a big problem and the girls almost always leave with a smile and a good feeling of having overcome themselves. Yes, piercing also involves pain, it is part of it, and a person is so convinced that he can do it voluntarily. In those few years, I've only had one occasion where a customer left with only one pierced ear because she couldn't stand the other one. I explained to her with a smile that nothing was wrong and that she can come back for the other when she was ready. She came back a month later for the second one.

However, other types of piercings can be a problem for very young people. Why is it okay to pierce the lobe, but the cartilage or the nose is already taboo? It results from society, traditions, customs and culture. While a lobule is common, seeing a young man's mouth pierced is unacceptable, even vulgar. It's not usual for me to do piercings other than lobes on a very young person. But I also see the background as the responsibility to take care of a piercing that is more difficult to heal, the ability to follow the piercer's instructions, possible complications from the company's point of view, possible work restrictions, or an imprudent decision that can leave permanent consequences - scars. 

Mílapiercer and modifier
WhenI look at it from a practical point of view, a girl usually decides to pierce her ears around the age of six. So she will require the puncturing, but the stress she undergoes is unnecessarily great. Often in the studio she gets scared and changes her mind about the piercing. When I compare this to piercing the ears of a baby who usually cries a minute or three after the hit and then forgets everything, my choice is clear.

I pierce the ears of babies from six months to one year. It is ideal up to five months of age. After that, I only take children for piercings around the age of twelve, when they are already able to think the whole thing through and handle the discomfort. Such an experience will then support the awareness that if I want something, I have to pay for it. I don't just mean money.

So I prefer free decision-making and I always advise parents to consider this intervention well. I pierce babies' ears because I have met hundreds of girls and women who had horribly pierced earlobes from childhood. The work was usually done by someone who was not very familiar with the industry. The result was shriveled ears, which I would describe as the permanent consequences of a failed intervention. For the rest of their lives, girls deal with the fact that they can't wear what they want in their ears. Here I can definitely understand those who choose to have their piercing done in Hell. Clean, fast and sterile work cannot be compared to the work of pediatricians, who often do not even want to provide this service, but rather perform it because they do not know who else to recommend.

Several pediatricians send their children to me, who are quite relieved this way - they don't have to do work they are not close to and at the same time they are sure that everything will turn out well.

To pierce or not to pierce?

We cannot say whether it is right to pierce a daughter's ears or not. This decision is up to you parents alone. We know that there is often pressure for baby earrings from the family or the feeling that this is the way to do it, and that's why it's right. We support you in leaving the decision up to the child. But if you insist on earrings for the baby, our piercer Míla Bugtcher offers the safest and cleanest way to pierced ears.

If you're wondering how Hell's children are doing, know that none of them have pierced ears. And nothing else. If they decide later that they want earrings, we will explain to them what the piercing and wound care entails and accompany them. And of course we know where to go for piercings.

If you decide to pierce the baby's ears

What does it look like when we pierce children's ears?