FAQ: Frequently asked questions about tattoos

And a few questions that weren't mentioned in the video

Can I get a tattoo if I am not yet 18 years old?

The Civil Code requires minors to have written confirmation that their parents or legal guardians agree to the tattoo. Therefore, it is necessary to bring a completed and signed form with you, otherwise we can not tattoo you. So, if you are not yet 18 years old, download and print this form in pdf and bring it with you to the tattoo, filled out and signed. If you are under 17, we need to meet your parents in person. Take them with you to a consultation before tattooing. If you are under 16 years old, your parents must accompany you to the tattoo appointment itself.

We reserve the right to insist on the presence of parents at the tattoo of minors.

How long does the tattoo heal and how to care for the tattoo?

The tattoo is completely healed about a month after tattooing. How to take care of your tattoo during healing can be found in Tattoo Care. If you are going to get a tattoo in the summer, check out the special article What to watch out for when tattooing in the summer.

I'm going for a tattoo for the first time. How to prepare for the first tattoo and what to take with you?

Exactly for you is an article about the first tattoo. Check it out.

What tattoo colors do you use in Hell?

We use fundamentally approved and attested tattoo inks of top quality approved for use in the EU, which meet all prescribed standards. Some of them are also suitable for vegans. Specifically, we use the colors of the brands Eternal Ink, Panthera Ink, World Famous Tatoo Ink, Dynamic Ink and Intenze Ink. We also properly store the colors and check them regularly.

Do you have vegan-friendly tattoo inks in Hell?

Yes. The idea of veganism and vegetarianism is very close to us. Most people from Hell are either vegetarians or vegans. That is why we also use vegan paints (e.g. the Eternal Ink brand), which do not contain animal but vegetable glycerol and are therefore suitable for vegans. If you prefer these colors, just tell it to the artist.

How to commission a tattoo?

Objednat se můžete online nebo osobně ve studiu. Každému tetování v Hellu předchází osobní konzultace motivu a odhad ceny. Spolu s motivem se zastavte kdykoliv v otevírací době ve studiu. Na konzultaci není potřeba se předem objednávat. Společně mrkneme na návrh, probereme provedení, velikost a umístění návrhu a také vybereme termín a tatéra, který se bude pro váš motiv nejvíce hodit. Připravte si zálohu 2000 Kč na tetovací termín. Zálohu odečteme od konečné ceny tetování.

How to cancel a tattoo appointment?

The appointment can be cancelled only by phone under 775 353 696 no later than 3 days (72 hours) before the date. If you do not show up for the booked date or cancel it later than 3 days (72 hours) before the appointment, we can no longer offer your place to other interested parties. The full amount of the deposit is forfeited. Thank you for respecting this rule.

Does the tattoo hurt?

Tattooing is more unpleasant than painful. It could be compared, for example, to depilation or intensive scratching. Of course, it depends on each person, on their current mental and physical state (when you are fine, it hurts less) and also on the place of the tattoo. If the pain is intense, you will take breaks during the tattoo session.

Does blood flow during tattooing?

Since the tattoo breaks the skin, the tattooed place secretes tissue fluid with a small amount of blood. However, these are only small droplets that the tattoo artist continuously wipes away, together with excess tattoo paint. It is also important not to dilute the blood unnecessarily before tattooing. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks cause the arteries to expand, the blood flows faster, and the tattooed place bleeds more. The blood then flushes out the paint applied and you certainly don't want that. Therefore, it is better to skip these drinks the day before the tattoo and on the day of the tattoo.

Is it possible to tattoo a scar, e.g. after an injury, surgery or caesarean section?

Yes, it is possible. We have experience with tattoos over scars and we do them. Scars are a different tissue than intact skin,, yet it can be tattooed. In Hell we have experience with scar tattoos, moreover, thanks to the fact that our salon also performs scarification (artistic scarring), we have our own specialists who know a lot about scars and scarring. When tattooing the scarred place, Some do not feel the tattoo at all, some feel intense pain, it is different for each person.

Can I get tattooed through a freckle or birthmark?

No, tattoos are only possible around them. We care about your health and birthmarks are very sensitive. Therefore, it is better not to interfere with them. Tattooing around freckles or moles is no big deal, though.

Can I have an MRI when I am tattooed?

Yes, you can. Some tattoo inks may contain minimal trace amounts of metals, which leads to the fact that magnetic resonance imaging can cause a special tingling or itching at the tattoo site, which happens very rarely. Moreover, these feelings do not persist and quickly subside. Of course, it is necessary to warn the examining doctor or radiologist in advance that you have a tattoo. Therefore, a tattoo from a good professional salon should not be a problem. Problematic in magnetic resonance imaging are home or prison tattoos, often made with inks of dubious quality and composition. Here, the particles contained in the pigment can react to the magnetic field, heat up and cause burns. However, if you have a tattoo from a good studio made with quality professional colors, there is nothing to worry about.

I have diabetes. Can I get tattooed?

Diabetes and tattoos are not mutually exclusive. However, the body of diabetics has more difficulty healing, and takes longer to heal, so there is a greater risk of infection. Therefore, when asked whether it is appropriate and possible to get a tattoo in your case or not, ask your attending physician. He knows your state of health and better estimates what your body can handle and what it can't. With mild diabetes, this should not be a problem. Nevertheless, always (even in cases of mild diabetes) consult your doctor in advance!

Inform your tattoo artist in advance about your health. Stress (the condition before and during the tattoo) increases blood sugar levels and the tattoo artist must be prepared for your possible reaction.

Because of the impaired healing, do not neglect the care of your tattoo and pay close attention to it.

I take antibiotics. Can I come for a tattoo?

Antibiotics are taken by a person at a time when he is not completely healthy and the body has enough worries. Therefore, it is not advisable to give him additional "work" with fresh tattoos. Antibiotics act differently, for example, tetracycline antibiotics make it difficult for the body to accept something new, like tattoo paint. Therefore, this combination is not suitable and only a healthy body should be tattooed, which has the best prerequisites for the fact that the color will catch on well and the tattoo will heal quickly and without problems, when properly cared for.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding. Can I go for a tattoo?

Tattooing is an intervention in the body and therefore tattooing during pregnancy is not recommended. When tattooing, the body secretes substances that signal stress. These substances then pass into the blood during pregnancy and into the milk during breastfeeding. It will not hurt the baby, but it is better to wait with the tattoo until after you give birth and stop breastfeeding.

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