A Piercing corset is a luxurious decoration for an evening out, an unusual and slightly decadent accessory for balls, parties or other events. Most often, the lace-up is placed on the exposed back, but the neckline or arms can also be decorated this way. The soreness of this procedure is not drastic and being truly original is definitely worth the bit of pain.

How to make this corset?


1. Choose your placing

Tip: Lace-ups that have 6–10 rings look the best.

Choose the placing of the lace-up according to how your dress is cut. The best time to prick the lace-up is a couple of hours before the event so that the redness around the puncture disappears. It is ideal tocome to Hell directly in the dress in which you will go out.

2. Think about when to take it out.

It is necessary to remove the laces on the same day or at the latest on the next day. We can attest that it is quite comfortable to sleep with it. We will be happy to take out the lace-up in Hell. We can agree on the date of the removal during the implementation of the corset.

If you're going to take out the lace-up at home, make sure that whoever takes out the piercing has clean latex gloves and thoroughly disinfects all the punctures.

3. It needs time

It takes about an hour to measure the place for application and pierce the piercing-lacing. Since lace-ups are most often pierced in the afternoon, when there is a buzz in Hell, it is good to arrange a date well in advance. You can even call a month in advance to make sure we have enough time.

4. Select a ribbon

Bring your own lace-up ribbon. Usually the ribbon should match the dress. The width of the ribbon should not exceed 1 cm as to fit into the piercing ring, and should be about 2 meters long, so that we have a sufficient lentgth to lace it.

5. Do not fear scars

You don't have to worry about piercing ring scars. All that remains are almost imperceptible dots at the injection site, which will completely fade after half a year.

6. Be wary of touch

The place to wear the lace-up will not be painful, but it will be sensitive to touch. Don't let anyone touch the lace-up. It can cause an infection to the wound. Also, be very careful not to pluck out your piercing corset while dancing. That would really hurt. Also, be careful with alcohol.


The price of a piercing lace-up

The price of the lace-up is 300 CZK. Add to this a refundable deposit of CZK 100 for each borrowed ring. A standard lace-up usually has 6-10 rings. In case you are not sure about the details (place, number of rings or something else), stop by for a consultation.

Make an appointment for piercing laces by phoning 775 353 696. For those under the age of 18 we require, like with any piercing, the written consent of your parents or legal guardians.