In Hell you can only pay in cash (CZK, EUR, USD). Payment by credit card is not possible.

We also accept paper vouchers and electronic payments, Edenred, Sodexo, Chèque Déjeuner and Benefit Plus. The possibilities of using individual types of benefit vouchers are limited, so always consult the reception in advance of payment.


We have three piercing lines, Standard, Premium, Luxury. All jewelry is certified and made of quality materials. Jewelry Standard is included in the price of the piercing. For jewelry from the Premium series you will pay an additional 300 CZK. They have an internal thread and are much more intricately designed. Jewelry from the Luxury range is made of noble materials often complemented by gems and real diamonds. You will pay extra for them, starting at 550 CZK upward.

Classic piercing (including Standard jewelry) 800 Kč
Earlobe piercing (including Standard jewelry) 650 Kč
Piercing of both ears for babies and children under 10 years of age (including two Standard jewelry pieces)* 1500 CZK
Microdermal piercing → 900 Kč
Two microdermals applied simultaneously as a pair  1700 Kč
Aftercare spray for piercings  150 Kč
Replacing jewelry with a shorter one  zdarma

*Piercer Míla Bugtcher takes care of the ears of babies from the end of the postpartum phase up to 1 year. Piercer Mirka takes care of the ears of children from 6 years onward, who decided on a piercing themselves. It happens that children change their minds at the last minute. We respect that and never force them. Parents are kindly requested to pay CZK 500 for the time of our piercer. Thanks.


The price of a tattoo depends on the size and complexity of the motif, the amount of material and colors consumed, and the time the tattoo artist spends creating the design and the tattoo itself. Therefore, we can only say an estimate of the price of your tattoo when we know your idea. determined by a personal consultation in the studio that precedes the tattoo. During the consultation, we will determine the price range wherein your tattoo lies.

Deposit for tattoo appointment according to the size of the tattoo. We will deduct the deposit from the final price of the tattoo. 1500 – 3000 Kč
Smaller tattoo → 2000 – 3500 Kč
Medium tattoo → 3500 – 8000 Kč
The price of one session for large motifs od 7000 Kč

Cancellation of tattoo appointment

The agreed date for the tattoo can be cancelled only by phone at 775 353 696 and no later than 3 days (72 hours) before the date. If you do not show up for the booked date or cancel it later than 3 days (72 hours) in advance, we can no longer offer your place to other interested parties and your deposit will be forfeited in full. Thank you for respecting this rule.


Scarification  from 1500 CZK
Septum punch 1500 CZK
Tongue split  9500 Kč
Reconstruction of the ear price according to the condition of the ear
Ear pointing/elven ears 5000 CZK/ear
implants → 3000 CZK/work + 1000-3000 CZK/implant price
Beading 3000 Kč/práce + 1200 – 7000 Kč/za každý implantát


Microblading (incl. consultation before the procedure and correction after the procedure as needed) → 4500 Kč
Microblading + eyelash extensions as a gift voucher DISCOUNT 500 CZK!→ 5500 Kč
Eyelash extensions: the application of new eyelashes → 1500 CZK
Eyelash extension: replenishment after 2 weeks → 500 Kč
Eyelash extension: replenishment after 3 weeks → 600 Kč
Eyelash extension: replenishment after 4 weeks → 700 Kč
Removal of extended eyelashes 300 Kč
Removal of eyelashes from another studio + application of new eyelashes → 1500 CZK
Lash lifting + lash botox → 1300 Kč


Sports/relaxation massage or cupping – 60 minutes → 800 Kč
Sports/relaxation massage or cupping – 90 minutes → 1200 Kč
Lava stone massage – 60 minutes → 850 Kč
Lava stone massage – 90 minutes → 1700 Kč
Face and head massage – 45 minutes → 450 Kč


We always donate the complete proceeds from suspension workshops to animal shelters.

Suspension workshop 2000 Kč
More about suspension


You can buy vouchers conveniently online in our e-shop. You can choose from a digital voucher that arrives immediately in your e-mail, or an elegant printed voucher in glossy black.

Voucher for piercing → 800 – 1100 Kč
Voucher for tattoo → 1500 – 7000 Kč
Voucher for microblading and eyelash extensions → 4500 Kč
You can buy vouchers online at the Hell e-shop