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Photos and articles about tattoos, piercings and body modifications

Ding Meng: Don't get your name tattooed in Chinese. Never!

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Tattoo artist Ding We have been looking for this new reinforcement of the tattoo team for a really long time. The left back handles colors, and his tattoo has style. We are proud to introduce the newest member of the Hellí family, a specialist in Chinese watercolor and calligraphy, who moved to us directly from China. Meet Ding! When do you [...]

First time on a tattoo

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The first tattoo, how it goes and how to prepare Wow! The first tattoo, that's a big thing! Congratulations on such a decision. We will tell you what and how, because we want you to have an idea of what awaits you at the consultation and the tattoo itself. However, we were also once waiting for our [...]

Tattoo care

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Tattoo Care: How to Care for a New Tattoo Tattoo Care varies both by tattoo location and by style. Otherwise, you will take care of a small contour tattoo and otherwise a large tattooed area. But don't worry, our tattoo artists will always give you [...]

Covid measures for piercing and tattoo studios

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The current covid rules in the tattoo and piercing studio Hell on February 10, 2022 ended the obligation to prove vaccination or past illness . From now on, we can serve everyone again. Of course, all of us - both Helláci and customers - continue to wear FFP respirators [...]

Piercings and respirators

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We replaced the homemade masks with respirators. It protects us much better against covid, but it's not ideal for fresh piercings. High humidity under the respirator (as we get it there) and rubbing against it can complicate healing. Our piercers have put together tips for you on how to [...]

How to pay in Hell with meal vouchers, Benefity, Benefit Plus, Edenred, Sodexo and Chèque Déjeuner vouchers

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Payments via meal vouchers, benefits, vouchers, vouchers Do you receive vouchers or other forms of cafeteria from your employer at work? So great! You can also pay with them in Hell. We accept paper vouchers as well as electronic payments. Classically, you cannot pay with a card with us, but through its [...]

Weekend Piercing Emergency

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Weekend piercing emergency in Hell Sometimes piercings start to get terribly naughty. Like a monster, it's a weekend, all studios are closed. But you really can't stand it.  We will not leave you in it! We have established a weekend piercing alert for you at 702 116 628. It works in such a way that [...]


    Tattoo and piercing studio was established in Holešovice in 2004. By approaching body modification in its own way, it quickly became a legend. In addition to tattoos and piercings, we also perform heavy body modifications, we do suspension and organize Hell Party.


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