Suspension has roots in the ancient history of mankind. Hanging on hooks represents something different in every culture: a transition ritual, meditation, a way to achieve a higher state of consciousness, overcoming fears, a sacrifice to the gods or a tool to get to know oneself.

The best known are the rituals of Indian tribes in North America called Sun Dance or Okipa. Well known is also the Charak Puja Festival held in India.

The way we practice hanging on hooks is based on the traditions of modern primitivism. We focus more on the experience of the hanging itself than on its spiritual dimension. Suspension is also an integral part of the Hell Party.


  • The hook only penetrates the skin. It never goes through the muscles.

  • The steel hooks we use are specially shaped and modified for smooth skin penetration.

  • Hooks are always sterile, we work in sterile gloves and we pay attention to hygienic conditions.

  • The skin is very firm and elastic, so there is no danger of the hook being pulled out.

  • The small holes left after the hook penetration will heal in a few days. Only small scars remain.

  • There are several positions in which you can hang on hooks. We write about them on our blog.

  • Do you have a question about suspension? Contact us at suspension@hell.cz.


  • You have the opportunity to try the suspension ritual under our guidance at the Hell Suspension Workshop. The price of the workshop is 1500 CZK and the earnings are always donated to animal shelters.

  • At the workshop you will learn about the history and importance of suspension. During the preparations, the hinge itself and moments afterwards, we will be fully dedicated to make sure that you enjoy the suspension as much as possible.

  • We hold hook hanging workshops throughout the year, both outdoors and indoors.

  • The workshop capacity is ten people. Each hangman can take one person with him as an escort.

  • We organize workshops with the minimum capacity of five hangers.

  • In case of bad weather we move our outdoor workshop into Hell so you will not miss the workshop.

  • We donate the earnings from the suspension workshops to the animal shelters Devět životů and Záchranné pacičky. We also support the association Buldočí naděje.


The tattoo and piercing studio Hell.cz was established in Prague in 2004. By approaching body modifications in its own way, it has quickly become a legend. In addition to tattooing and piercing, we also perform heavy physical modifications, we do suspension, i.e. hook hanginf, and we organize the Hell Party.