Tattoo voucher

1,5007,000 incl. VAT

The most popular gift from our e-shop! And you may end up wanting to keep it to yourself.

Approximate price list
2000 – 3500 CZK – smaller motifs
3500 – 8000 CZK – medium motifs
from 7000 CZK – price for one session for large motifs that need more sessions

Attention! We do not tattoo widely popular motifs (dream catchers, feathers, infinity sign, etc.) and copies of tattoos already tattooed.

The voucher is valid for two years from the date of issue. It cannot be exchanged back for money.

You can choose an electronic or printed voucher. The electronic voucher will land in the mail immediately after the payment is credited. You can pick up an elegant printed voucher for free in Hell, or we will send it to you after adding postage.

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This gift will last forever. Maybe the recipient has an exact idea of the tattoo, maybe she will leave the processing to our tattoo artists. Neither is a problem in Hell. And as for the first tattoo – we will be happy to explain everything.

Before you order a gift voucher for tattoos, take a look at the galleries of our tattoo artists to get an idea of what styles you can choose from. We do not tattoo widely popular motifs (e.g. dream catchers, feathers, infinity sign) and copies of tattoos already tattooed.

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Hmotnost 20 g
Rozměry 210 × 150 × 0.5 cm



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