Piercings during summer, or when it is better not to pierce

Every year from May to the end of August, we announce a ban on certain types of piercings.Ban may be a strong word. But we decidedly and strongly recommend not to have piercings made before the summer or during the summer which have a difficult time healing.


Piercings that heal for a long time and that we do not pierce in the summer

  • Piercing pupíku se hojí 6-9 měsíců i déle.
  • Piercing bradavek se hojí 6 – 9 měsíců, často i déle.
  • Piercing tváře tzv. cheeky se hojí nejméně 9 měsíců i déle.
  • Piercings of the Venus mound, the so-called Christina, heals for 6-9 months or more.
  • Surface piercing se hojí nejméně rok.
  • Microdermals heal for at least 3 months. Microdemals in the face are the only exception – they can be pierced even in summer.
  • Omezení platí i na některé druhy modifikací.

The worst thing you can do to your unhealed piercing is to jump into the pool, the lake,  even the sea. The water, even the one that looks clean and chlorinated, contains a lot of dirt and bacteria that easily gets into the piercing canal, where they easily cause a purulent infection. Contrary to popular belief, even seawater (salty and beneficial to many things, but still dirty and full of bacteria) will not do any good to a fresh piercing.

Tak se může snadno stát, že místo sexy bříška s piercingem budete mít náplast, protože se vpich nehojí, bolí a hnisá. A my budeme mít spoustu práce s čištěním a léčením vašeho piercingu.

Stejně tak není rozumné nechat si udělat nový piercing před odjezdem na dovolenou. Piercing potřebuje pro své hojení klid a co možná nejčistší prostředí.

We do not pierce long healing piercings from May to the end of August.

It's not that we don't want to give you a piercing, of course. That's what we're here for. But we have had really bad experiences with the long and complicated healing of these piercings over the summer. Of course, the decision is up to you. However, we consider it our duty to explain all the risks to you in advance. And we really strongly recommend waiting for a more suitable time when getting a long-healing piercings. After all, just like you, we also want everything to heal as quickly as possible, and without any problems.

We also have bad experiences with piercings and tattoos that people bring from their holidays. Often these are low-quality works, which we then treat in Hell or even re-pierce or re-tattoo," adds piercer Shemon.