How to redeem a tattoo voucher in Hell

Congratulations! Someone really likes you and gave you a great gift – a voucher for a tattoo.

1. Think the theme through

When you're putting together an idea for your new tattoo, don't just look at existing tattoos. Rather, look for pictures, drawings, photos. You will often find more original ideas this way. Search on Google, on Pinterest, but also in books, comics, encyclopedias, try your own sketch. It doesn't have to be perfect at all, but it will serve as an excellent guide for tattoo artists, as you can imagine.

Tattoo artists will appreciate it if you give them a basic idea of the theme, size, location and style and leave the rest up to them. Before the tattoo, you will fine-tune their design together to your satisfaction.

People go to Hell for originals! What don't we tattoo?

We don't care what and who we tattoo. That's why we don't tattoo in Hell:

  • extremist motives
  • copies of tattoos already tattooed
  • cliché motifs overdone a thousand times, such as the sign of infinity, dreamcatchers, feathers from which birds fly out, a blown dandelion, etc.

Our tattoo artists can offer you an original processing of your tattoo idea. That's why it's a shame to settle for a theme without an idea that thousands of people already wear.

2. Take a look at how our tattoo artists tattoo

Naši tatéři a tatérky jsou umělci. A každý má svůj osobitý styl, kterým tetuje. Mrkněte na jejich práce do galerií tetování, ať víte v jakém duchu naši tatéři pracují.



black & white realistic tattoo



 color | neotraditional tattoo


Bára Evil Hand

linework | illustrative tattoo



single needle | ignorant tattoo



linework | dotwork | comics tattoo



chinese watercolor | calligraphy

3. Make an appointment

You can order a tattoo online or go to Hell for a personal consultation during opening hours. You do not have to book in advance. Take with you pictures that serve as a basis for your tattoo. Either print them out or bring them on a flash drive.

4. Date and deposit

Then we will book for you. Either to the tattoo artist of your choice, or we will recommend a tattoo artist who best suits your theme and style. To reserve a tattoo appointment, you make a deposit from CZK 1,500 to CZK 3,000, depending on the size of the motif. Vouchers are perfect for paying the deposit. The deposit is of course deducted from the final price of the tattoo. Waiting times for our tattoo artists are usually several months.

Hell is looking forward to seeing you!

Cancellation of the date

Termín je možné zrušit a přesunout pouze telefonicky na čísle 775 353 696 nejpozději 3 dny (72 hodin) před termínem. Pokud se na rezervovaný termín nedostavíte nebo jej zrušíte později než 3 dny (72 hodin) před termínem, nemůžeme už vaše místo nabídnout jiným zájemcům. Záloha v plné výši propadá. Děkujeme, že toto pravidlo respektujete.