The first tattoo, how it will be, how to prepare

Wow! The first tattoo, that's a big thing! Congratulations on this decision. We will tell you what awaits you, because we want you to have an idea of what to expect at the consultation and the tattoo itself. It's quite a long article, but it's worth digging through.

I am not eighteen

If you are not yet 18 years old, then we need parental consent. Download and print this form in pdf and bring it with you for the consultation, filled out and signed by your parents. If you are 16 or younger, we need to meet your parents in person. Take them with you to the consultation before the tattoo. If you are 15 or younger, your parents must accompany you to the tattoo date itself. Thanks for your understanding.

Place versus motive

Someone knows where he wants the tattoo, but does not yet know what. Someone else knows about the motive, but hesitates where it should go. And some know both. Whatever is the case, if you need advice, come to the studio during opening hours for a personal consultation. You don't have to have an appointment. Consultation is free of charge and we are generally known to be very nice, so there is nothing to worry about.

Choosing a place

First, think about where you would like a tattoo the most. Do you want the tattoo to be visible, or do you want to be able to hide it under your clothes. If you do not know what to do with choosing a place or it is not the most important thing for you, it is not a problem to decide only after a personal consultation in the studio. We will guide you.

Choose a motif

Nemusíte mít tetování promyšlené a navržené do nejmenších detailů, ale je dobré mít alespoň základní představu o tom, jak by mělo tetování vypadat a jaký by to měl být styl. Chcete zvířata, postavy, květiny, symboly, nápis nebo abstrakci? Má být tetování barevné, stínované, jen černý obrys, nebo chcete barevné prvky?

And beware, in Hell we do not tattoo tattoos already made a thousand times, as the infinity symbol, a dream catcher, a feather from which birds fly out, blown dandelions and similar things.

Get inspired on the Internet (but the right way)

We have one more important thing to say. Not only do we not tattoo cliché motifs, we do not tattoo copies of tattoos already tattooed. It's not a problem to get inspired, but we don't really do copies.

We recommend that you use Google image search to review different designs for your theme. Rather than an existing tattoo, look directly for images of your theme. Look for a few designs that appeal to you and that should inspire a tattoo artist to create your tattoo.

Of course, you can draw the tattoo yourself. Even if you don't know how to draw, your picture will help us as a guide. Of course, we will be happy to help you with the modification of your theme or directly with its design. Check out our gallery to see what our tattoo artists can do.

Tip: A variety of fonts for inscriptions  can be found on the page.




black & white realistic tattoo



 color | neotraditional tattoo


Bára Evil Hand

linework | illustrative tattoo



single needle | ignorant tattoo



linework | dotwork | comics tattoo

Personal consultation

Bring your pictures (printed or on a flash drive) to our studio during opening hours. There is no need to make an appointment for a consultation. We will discuss with you the motif and location of the tattoo. We will also estimate the preliminary price of the tattoo. You can agree on the exact price with the tattoo artist before the tattoo. It is also possible to set a price ceiling that we will not exceed. You can ask anything here.

We will direct you to a tattoo artist who is closest to the style of your tattoo and who will also enjoy it the most. We collect a deposit of CZK 1500 to book a tattoo date. Of course, the deposit will be deducted from the final price of the tattoo.

If you do not show up for the booked date or cancel it less than 3 days (72 hours) before the date, the deposit will be forfeited in full. Dates can be cancelled exclusively in person in the studio or by phone, even outside working days or on weekends. It is not possible to cancel the tattoo appointment via e-mail or SMS.

The day before getting the tattoo

Go to bed early to be well rested for the next day. When you are well, you will tolerate the tattoo far better and it will not hurt so much. Do not drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks (coffee, cola). Skip the party, the next day you will thank yourself when sitting in the tattoo chair.

T-Day (like tattoo)

Do not drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks (coffee, cola). Even if you are nervous, eat, because with a full tummy you will tolerate the whole process better.

In the tattoo studio you will meet a tattoo artist who will tattoo you. Together you will discuss the selected motif, its location and the price of the tattoo. The tattoo artist then prepares a proposal. Tell what you want, what you like and don't like. The tattoo is for you! After approving the motif, we disinfect the place where the tattoo will be, and possibly shave it with a disposable razor blade. The tattoo artist will transfer the motif onto your body using a special foil, or draw the motif with a special marker directly on the body. Again, say what you want! This will be forever.

Then you sit comfortably or lie down on a chair, while the tattoo artist prepares a sterile workplace in sterile gloves. Then the tattoo machine buzzes and thus it begins...

What to take with you for the tattoo

  • Comfortable clothes that will make the place for the tattoo well accessible. It may happen that it is stained by tattoo paint, which can not be washed easily.
  • Beverage (ideally a sweet decaffeinated drink such as juice or lemonade) and a snack.
  • Phone and headphones if you want to listen to your music
  • Cash. In Hell, we don't take cards.

After the tattooing

After the tattoo is over, the tattoo artist will wrap the place in a protective film with which you will go home. He will also explain how to care for a new tattoo. If you forget, we've written it down here just in case.

Not feeling well? Cancel the appointment

If you are not completely fit (cold, cough, fever, taking antibiotics) or find out that you are pregnant, cancel the tattoo date

The tattoo apointment can only be cancelled by phone. It is not possible to cancel tattoo dates via e-mail or SMS, Messenger or mail.

Call the reception on +420 775 353 696 and no later than 3 days (72 hours) before your tattoo appointment. Dates can also be cancelled outside opening hours or on weekends.

We will transfer the deposit to your next date, or you can pick it up at the reception in the studio. If you do not show up for the tattoo appointment or cancel it less than 3 days (72 hours) before the deadline, the deposit will be forfeited in full. Thank you very much for respecting the time and health of our tattoo artists.

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