Payments via vouchers


Do you receive vouchers or other forms of support from your employer at work? So great! You can also pay with them in Hell. We accept paper vouchers as well as electronic payments. Classically, you cannot pay with a card with us, but through it you will generate an e-voucher on the portal of the cafeteria provider. We will be happy to help you with this in Hell at the reception.

Discuss your payment with us in advance

Some types of vouchers can only be used for selected services. Before you pay with vouchers, meal vouchers or e-payments, discuss it with the reception first. Either in person or call. Thanks!

What companies do you accept?

You can pay electronically online (e-stavenka, e-vouchers) or paper vouchers.

We accept electronic payments via portals

  • Benefit Plus
  • Edenred
  • Sodexo
  • Chèque Déjeuner

Notify us in advance of electronic payment through these portals, perhaps immediately during the consultation. Reception assistance is required for electronic payment and if you have a date in the evening or on the weekend when the reception is not working, we will ensure that someone is there for you.

We also accept these paper vouchers. You can pay at any time.

  • Edenred Multi
  • Edenred Sport&Kultura
  • Edenred Compliments
  • Sodexo Relax Pass
  • Sodexo Focus Pass
  • Sodexo Dárková Pass
  • Sodexo Bonus Pass
  • Sodexo Flexi Pass
  • Chèque Déjeuner Cadhoc
  • Chèque Déjeuner Unišek
  • Chèque Déjeuner Unišek+

Can I buy a Hell gift voucher through work benefits?

Of course.A lot of you do. Mainly because work benefits expire at the end of the year. Hell gift vouchers have an unlimited validity, so you will not lose your work benefits.

Can I buy a Hell gift voucher remotely via e-voucher?

Of course. It's quite simple. Just call the reception at 775 353 696 during the opening hours of the studio. You say how much you want vouchers for, dictate the address where we will send the gift voucher (either by registered mail through the Czech Post or to the Zásilkovna branch) and it will fly to you.

To the price of the voucher we will add postage, which is CZK 50 through the Czech Post, or CZK 70 to a Zásilkovna branch.

Tip on how to not lose benefits

Meal vouchers and benefits expire at the end of the year. So get a gift voucher to Hell for them. It is valid indefinitely, so you will not lose your benefits.