Voucher for piercing the ears of children

1,500 incl. VAT

Piercing from Hell does not hurt! This voucher is valid for piercing both children's ears, including two high-quality certified jewelry from the Hell Standard line.

The voucher is valid for two years from the date of issue. It cannot be exchanged back for money.

You can choose an electronic or printed voucher. The electronic voucher will land in the mail immediately after the payment is credited. You can pick up an elegant printed voucher in glossy black for free in Hell, or we will send it to you after adding postage.

Children's ears are pierced up to one year of age and then from the age of six.

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False modesty aside. We are unbeatable for piercings! And that includes children's ears.

We never use piercing guns. Read on to find out why. We always use the cleanest and most accurate method of piercing the ears with a piercing needle (cannula).

Piercing children's ears is dedicated to piercer Míla Bugtcher, who the ears of babies from the end of the puerperium to 1 year. Piercerka Mirka the ears of children from 6 years of age who decide for piercing themselves.

It happens that children change their minds at the last minute. We respect that and never force them. Parents are kindly requested to pay CZK 500 for the time of our piercer/ piercer. Thanks.

Piercing for us does not end with a prick, but with complete healing. Should problems arise during healing, the inspection and possible care is of course free of charge in Hell.

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Hmotnost 20 g
Rozměry 210 × 150 × 0.5 cm




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