Hooks have the advantage that they can be stuck anywhere where there is enough skin. Yes, you guessed right – people were already hanging out by their asses. But don't worry, there's no need to do such high-spins right away. We have prepared an overview of the most common and tested suspension positions. They will come in handy whether you are going to a Hell suspension workshop for the first time or we have already stuck something hooks into you.

Suspension is not a race, but a ritual. While some are trying more and more demanding positions, others are satisfied to hang from the back  for the tenth time


Back, or suicide

  • difficulty: for beginner hangers
  • where are the hooks: 1 pair in the back

If you are going to a Hell suspension workshop for the first time, you'll do a hang behind your back. The skin behind the back is very firm and yet quite insensitive. In addition, a person hanging behind his back remains in an upright position, which is definitely the most pleasant thing the first time.

This Suspension is also called suicide. It's not exactly a sunny name, but a person hanging behind his back because of a head tilted forward really resembles a hanged man. That's why we usually say just back.



  • difficulty: for intermediate hangers
  • where are the hooks: 3-6 pairs, on top of the back, bottom of the back, thighs and possibly calves

In this position, horizontal and belly down, you really look like Superman in flight. The hinge requires several pairs of hooks, but thanks to this, the weight is well distributed, so less load rests on the individual hooks. Some say it's a downright comfortable position.

Superman is more demanding because it is necessary to balance the person in the position well so that all the hooks are equally loaded. But we have many years of experience in this, so no worries.



  • difficulty: for intermediate hangers
  • where are the hooks: 3 pairs, in the back, on the thighs, on the calves

This suspension is called Lotus because it resembles a person sitting in a lotus position in meditation. In addition to the main support hooks located in the upper back, hooks are in the thighs and calves, lifting the legs to the Turkish sitting position.

As with Superman, the hinge needs to be thoroughly balanced so that all hooks carry the weight evenly. Thighs and calves tend to be quite sensitive, but do not worry, when hanging, the main traction rests on the hooks in the back.



  • difficulty: for intermediate hangers
  • where are the hooks: 1-2 pairs on each knee

Some have skin on the knees as hard as a hippopotamus, another delicate and sensitive. Therefore, for some, the suspension behind the knees is cool, for another it is Mordor. However, the hooks can be placed around the knee in several positions, so we choose the least painful one. When hanging by the knees, the hanger is upside down, which is a very powerful experience.

The skin around the knees is soft and relatively delicate, so sometimes there is a slight tear of the puncture. But it's nothing dramatic, rarely is the tear so large that it would require stitches. And we're set up for that, too.



  • Difficulty: for advanced hangers
  • where are the hooks: 3-6 pairs chest, abdomen, thighs, shins

Koma is basically Superman, but belly up. Hooks are in places with sensitive skin, so this suspension is one of the more demanding. But to look straight into the sky during suspension is a great beauty.



  • Difficulty: for advanced hangers
  • where are the hooks: 2-3 pairs on the upper torso (chest and abdomen)

A person hangs by hooks in the chest and abdomen in a bent position. Legs are directed to the ground. The name Resurrection describes the position precisely. The skin on the breast and abdomen is sensitive, therefore it is a suspension for experienced hangers.


Breasts or Chest

  • Difficulty: for advanced hangers
  • where are the hooks: 1-2 pairs on the breast

A very demanding Suspension, when all the weight rests on hooks stuck into the skin on the upper part of the breast, which is quite sensitive. Hooks are placed in this place during the traditional Okipa Indian rituals, which served as a prefiguration of today's modern suspension.



  • Difficulty: for advanced hangers
  • where are the hooks: 3 pairs on the abdomen

Similar to resurrection, the hooks are placed on the belly, but this time only there, which adjusts the hanging position to the shape of an inverted letter C. Skin on the abdomen is very soft and sensitive, this suspension is definitely not for a beginner.


Tandems and multi-Suspension

These are the positions where several people hang on top of each other, so that on the upper man hangs by the hooks of yet another person. In two people it is a tandem, in more people it is a multi-hinge. These are truly hardcore hangings for conaisseurs. Míla Bugtcher is particularly fond of them. Check out the Hell Party 2016 finale.


And so on...

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