In 2013, Shannon Larratt, founder of BMEzine, presented an illustrated list of 42 selected hook hanging positions. Larratt is the author of the drawings,which are on the list of Allen Falkner, the man who is called the father of modern suspension.

Larratt's "Suspension Position Chart" is published with the consent of the current operators of

Larratt notes that he omitted dynamic hinges and, with one exception, multi-hinges. This means the suspension of two or more people below each other, which you know well from Hell Party, where these technically and physically demanding multi-suspensions tend to be the highlight of the whole party.

Why we like this overview of suspension positions

Larratt's suspension list is the only work of its kind. Since its publication in 2013, it has served as a great overview and inspiration for all suspension fans. At the same time, he aptly and wittily names the positions. By the way, our most favorite name is Asstronaut.


Hook hanging position, suspension position. Shannon Larratt. Published with the consent of

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We would like to know which positions you are drawn too, and which ones you'd reject