The hot months are not an ideal time for tattoos, but of course it is possible to get a tattoo in the summer. You just need to be more careful about the tattoo, take care of it carefully and follow a few principles. If you go under the needle in the summer, you have to prepare for the two main pitfalls that summer has in stock for freshly tattooed people. They are called sun, water and dirt. So basically summer in a nutshell, huh? But don’t worry, you can do it with our advice.

How to prepare for a tattoo during the summer time

Do not sunbathe before tattooing

Do not tan for at least a month before the tattoo. If you go for a tattoo in August or September, do not expose the place where the tattoo will be to the sun all summer. Tanned skin catches tattoo inks much harder. It is tattooed into the skin layer, which is filled with pigment when tanning. And where the pigment is from tan, there is no room for another pigment from tattoo inks.

Don’t bathe

At least two or three weeks after the tattoo,skip the pools, natural swimming pools and the sea. Yes, even the sea. And also saunas, whirlpools and other water games. You can jump into water when scabs are gone. Freshly tattooed skin is open and dirt or bacteria can get into it very easily, which can cause extensive inflammation. And you don’t want to deal with that in the summer.

Most important advice: Don’t tan after a tattoo

For the first five weeks, keep tattoos carefully away from the sun and wear them covered with clothes or a scarf. Don’t be afraid of it and take long sleeves, trousers, all sorts of scarves to help. This is really very important, because in the sun, fresh tattoo colors fade quickly. You paid money for the tattoo, it wasn’t completely painless either, so it would be a shame to ruin it with tanning. You have it forever, right? Take the help of a sunscreen with a high UV factor, of course. It is important that it protects against UVA and UVB and has a factor of at least 50. Fortunately, that’s pretty much all of them these days. Stay in the shade.

Beware of sweat and dust

In summer there is a lot of dust all around and we also sweat more. Sweat is irritating and the dust contains a lot of dirt, so keep tattoos clean and dry. Wash it several times a day with antibacterial soap, wash the soap out thoroughly and dry the tattoo with a clean towel.

Places to wait until autumn

There are places that you will not succeed to protect in the summer despite the best efforts. We’ve tried it, so we know what we’re talking about. The most risky are the insteps, which are rubbed against the straps of sandals, and there is also a great risk of infection, which is not far from the dust on the ground. Until autumn wait with:

  • Instep tattoo
  • Tattoos on the backs and fingers of the hands
  • Tattoos on the face
  • Tattoo on the neck
  • Forearm tattoos



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