Getting a memory tattoo from Prague is an awesome idea. No doubts about that. Prague is a beautiful city with unique landmarks and architecture – Prague castle, Charles bridge, Astronomical clock, Rudolfinum and many more. It is no wonder that tourists bring home thousands of commemorative tattoos of Prague icons every year.

Watch out for tourist trap tattoo shops

There are now a bunch of websites that warn you about the traditional pitfalls of tourist towns – the danger of street money exchanging, fake souvenir shops and inadequate prices in restaurants. But no one warns you about the dangers of tourist trap tattoo- and piercing shops.

Some warning signs might be:

  • bright neon shining sign promising best prices in Prague
  • lots cliché tattoo pictures showing cliché motives like I ♥ Prague, Prague city skyline tattoo
  • fixed prices for these designs
  • lack of explaining the tattoo procedure
  • lack of hygiene (run as fast as you can!)
  • weird feeling you have when you enter this tattoo shop

In Hell we use approved tattoo inks only and respect highest hygiene standards.


Tattoo by Any | @quidam.s.den

Your travel memory tattoo can look very original. Here is a magpie (straka in czech) that you meet in all of many Prague city parks, together with hop vine (chmel in czech), that is used to brew the mighty czech beer. Done in magic realism style typical for our tattoo artist Any. Like it? You can book your session with Any here.

Say, you are visiting all the great landmarks of Prague, and inspiration strikes: You need a tattoo of the city Prague, of your travels here. Be it a small tattoo, to remind you of a particular backpackers experience in your travel, or a large Prague Castle tattoo, etching that formidable icon of our beautiful town into your skin. Maybe you want to have a memento shared together with other travelers you met, or traveled with. A tattoo is the ultimate souvenir to yourself, a remembrance that will always be with you.

How to choose your Prague tattoo design

Beware of clichés

Although you might feel that simple sentence I ♥ Prague or a tattoo of the silhouette of Prague is encompassing all your memories in one, we suggest you get a little further than this. After all you are going after a original tattoo after all. Not that one we have seen tattooed a hundreth times. Our tattoo artists don’t enjoy these and we bet you won’t either. Go original! Now, get ready for some inspiration.

Where to get inspiration for your Prague traveller’s tattoo

Landmarks of Prague

And by that we don’t mean only the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Astromonical clock at the Old Town Square. Very iconic but less known are the Žižkov tower, or the a giant and a bit creepy black babies crawling up this tower. Or you might like the metal watchtower of Petřín, or maybe you enjoy the statues by Olbram Zoubek that illustrate how communism destroys people. Or perhaps you are charmed by the pitoresque crooked streets of old Prague, or maybe you enjoy it’s medieval tradition of alchemy. Or you just like the shape how Prague’s metro lines cross each other.


Enjoyed beer? Baked cheese aka smažák? Absinth? Or the overpriced “traditional” trdelník, that czech people laugh about, because it got hip only like five years ago and noone ever heard about it before? Be sure, that we can make a good tattoo of it.

Icons and legends

Prague is the town of Kafka, Havel and the Golem. Many others found here their inspiraton. Maybe you will too.

Your experiences

This is the best category, that also our tattoo artists enjoy the most. Would you like a tattoo od detail from a house facade where you got engaged? Or a pattern from Prague’s pavement where you have seen the most magical sunset? Or just to capture the free afternoon with friends at Vltava banks? Send us your idea! Our tattoo artist love these very personal and fresh jobs.

Tattoos are part of your personality and your body.

Rely on certified inks in the clean and safe environment of our studio.


See how original your tattoos from Prague can get

See, there is so much inspiration in Prague. But having in mind the permanence of your tattooed memory, maybe hold off on going to the first studio you see. Instead, do at least a quick Google search and see your options and the reviews of the choosen tattoo shop. There are so many great artists in Prague to pick as creators of your travel’s tattoo memento. The tattoo is gonna “walk” with you forever, so do not just walk into some random studio and get a rapid standard design. Go for original, go for quality, go for high hygiene standards and approved tattoo inks.  Really work out YOUR tattoo from Prague with the perfect artist, the best that Prague can offer you.

Tattoo by Bára Evil Hand | @evilhandtattoo

The specific architecture of Prague is a great way how to remember your trip to Prague. Here it’s the iconic tower of Žižkov done in clean linework by Bára Evil Hand. Because without being in Žižkov you can never say you have truly been to Prague.

Tattoo by Any | @quidam.s.den

Prague is known for it’s medieval alchemy tradition. Perhaps here you have spent some memorable moments with the love of your life in this city. And the colorful love poition tattoo by our tattoo artist Any never lets you forget those.

Tattoo by Andy | @rychlejehly

A scull with crown and some Prague was the client’s wish. In black realism our tattoo artist Andy did one of his masterpierces. Charles bridge in the glas sphere and ceiling of a gothic cathedral acompanying this mysterious dark piece.

How we do it in Hell

We are know as the legendary tattoo shop in Prague, because we coined the way how body modifications are done in Czech republic. We rely on personal experience, pay attention to our customers wishes and maintain highest hygiene standards.

In our tattoo shop do not do walk-ins in the classical sense. Our tattoo artists focus on tattooing with precision and they and take plenty of time for each and every client. This means, that we will not tattoo you at the moment you enter the studio, but usually there is possibility to get your Prague memory tattoo done within few days. So don’t leave the visit of our studio for last day before you leave.

To book your Prague memory tattoo in Hell you can

  1.  come to Hell in person and we will talk about your tattoo design, pick the right artist for you and set up an appointment, when the tattoo artist will have reserved time just for you and your tattoo. Our studio is located at Přístavní street No. 7 in the district of Prague 7 – Holešovice. From the center of Prague you are here in 15 minutes. Just take the metro C to “Vltavská” or “Nádraží Holešovice”. Or take a tram to “Dělnická” od “U Průhonu”. The gallery of contemporary art DOX and the alternative Cross Club with moving metal decorations all over, great food and concerts are definitely worth checking out when you are in this area.
  2. simply fill out the booking form and we will get in touch with you and offer you some prime appointment times for your tattoo.
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