Tattoo in Prague


Quality ink

We use quality inks Kurosumi, Eternal Ink and Moms. Kurosumi and Eternal Inks are suitable for vegans.

10 years of experience

We have more than ten years of firsthand experience with tattoos. We know what we do and we do it with pleasure.

Award-winning tattooers

We are proud that our tattoo artists won many prizes at Czech and international competitions.

We guarantee our work

Maximum sterility and professional work. Refilling the tattoo color, which the body naturally excretes during healing, is free of charge at our salon. The main thing is your satisfaction.

Tailor-made tattoo

There are several tattoo artists working in Hell, so we will choose for you the one to whom your tattoo style suits the most.

We have our beliefs

We do care what and whom we tattoo. Extremist tattoos are against our principles.


Don’t ask just for a tattoo, ask for a legend!

We see tattoos as artworks, that we put with love and care for the whole life under your skin.

Our tattooers are artists, they have unique styles each and they don’t tattoo the most common motives

Check out our Facebook and Instagram, to see works of our tattoo artists. Each one of them has their own style and can offer a unique design, that’s why it’s very important to find the right artist for you.

Spend time thinking about your original motive. Don’t look for finished tattoos (we don’t copy tattoos). If you need inspiration, try Google, Pinterest, your favourite books or even bring a sketch of your own.

Examples of motives we don’t tattoo: words, dreamcatchers, feather with birds coming out of it, dandelion seeds flying out, infinity symbol, standard tribal tattoos,…


Tattoo care

How to care for a new tattoo

  • After the tattoo is finished, it is covered with a protective foil.

  • Leave the foil on till the evening, and ideally also through the first night.

  • After removing the foil, wash the tattoo with an antibacterial soap and lukewarm water, dry with a clean towel and allow to dry for 10–15 minutes.

  • Then lubricate with a thin layer of tattoo care cream. It is available in Hell.

  • After another 10 minutes, wipe it with a clean napkin to remove excess oil and to allow the skin to breathe.

  • During the first week take care of the tattoo this way twice a day, morning and evening. Later, just once a day.

  • Freshly tattooed skin excretes tissue fluid. If it dries and gets stuck to your clothes, do not tear it, but soak in clean water. Otherwise you can damage the tattoo.

  • After a few days due to the healing process skin flakes start to form on the tattoo. Do not remove the flakes; you could also remove part of the tattoo.

  • 2 weeks after tattooing do not bathe in indoor or outdoor pools. Instead of bathing take a shower.

  • 2 weeks after tattooing protect the tattoo from dirt and irritation.

  • For at least a month do not expose the tattoo to sun or solarium.


How to book a tattoo appointment in Hell?

Each tattooing in Hell starts with a personal consultation. Come by the studio during opening hours, there is no need to make an appointment for the consultation. We will personally consult you about your tattoo at the reception. We will fine tune the details regarding the size, location and design of your tattoo and pick the date and the tattoo artist who would be best for the theme you have selected and who will also have most fun with it. Bring the selected theme or image to the personal consultation for inspiration and an easier choice of the ideal tattoo artist. The pictures may be printed from the Internet, copied from books or on a flash disk.

The booked tattoo appointment can be canceled only in the studio in person or by phone, and even outside of opening hours or on weekends. Booked tattoo appointments cannot be cancelled via e-mail or SMS.

After the personal consultation we will right away book your tattoo appointment. When arranging the date we collect a deposit in the amount between 1,500 CZK and 3,000 CZK according to duration of your appointment. The deposit will, of course, be deducted from the final price of the tattoo. If you fail to come for your appointment, or cancel it less than 3 days (72 hours) before, the deposit shall be forfeited in full.