Firsthand experience

We have more than ten years of firsthand experience with piercing. We know what we do and we do it with pleasure.


Piercing in Hell does not end with the piercing itself, but with the complete healing of the piercing and your full satisfaction.

Piercing in Hell does not hurt

Our experienced piercers carry out the piercing quickly to minimize the pain. After all, it is true what they say; piercing in Hell does not hurt.

Quality jewelry

The price of the piercing includes high quality jewelry from approved materials, such as surgical steel, titanium, teflon or bioplastic.

100% sterility

We strictly adhere to all the principles of maximum hygiene and sterility.

Free aftercare

Piercing aftercare including jewelry exchange for a shorter one (we start with longer jewelry due to swelling) is free of charge at our salon.



Piercing in Hell does not hurt!

We provide all kinds of body piercing, from classic piercing through genital piercing, microdermal piercing and surface piercing.



Piercing care

How to care for a new piercing


Saline solution: Stir a small a pinch of kitchen or sea salt into a clean big shot of water (0.5 dl). This solution is both a reliable and non-aggressive disinfectant, and is perfect for piercing care.

  • To care for the piercing, use saline solution only. You really do not need anything more.

  • Dip the piercing in a saline solution for 3 minutes or pour the solution on it.

  • Then use a cotton swab to wipe the sediments and allow it to dry.

  • Yellow crust will form around it. It is the tissue fluid, which is a sign of healing.

  • For the first three weeks treat the piercing this way with the saline solution twice a day.

  • After three weeks until the piercing has completely healed it is enough to treat it once a day.

  • After 14 to 30 days, book yourself to the studio by telephone for checking and shortening the jewelry.

  • Do not touch the jewelry with dirty hands. Do not move the jewelry in the wound.

  • Do not apply any ointment or disinfection on the piercing. The saline solution is really quite sufficient.