Every year from the end of April to the end of August, we announce a ban on piercings that heal for a long time. Well, ban is a strong word. But we definitely and strongly do not recommend getting piercings before summer or even in summer, which need a lot of time to heal.


Piercings that heal for a long time and that we do not conduct during the summer

  • Navel piercings heal 6-9 months or longer
  • Nipple piercing heals for at least a year, often longer
  • Cheeks Cheeks piercings heal for at least 9 months or longer.
  • Christina heals 6-9 months or longer.
  • Surface piercing heals for at least a year.
  • Microdermals heal for at least 3 months. Microdemals in the face are the only exception – they can be conducted even in summer.
  • Restrictions also apply to tongue splits and implants.

The worst thing you can do for you piercing is to jump into the swimming pool.

Heat, sweat and dustcan really prolong and complicate the healing of piercings. Bathing with a fresh piercing is a complete taboo. Jumping into a pool, pond or sea with an unhealed piercing is the worst thing you can do. The water, even the seemingly clean and chlorinated, contains a lot of impurities and bacteria, which easily get into the piercing channel, where they take care of an exemplary purulent infection.

So it can easily happen that instead of a sexy belly with a piercing, you will have a patch, because the puncture does not heal, hurts and suffers from a discharge. And we will have a lot of work to clean and treat your piercing.

It is also not sensible to get a new piercing before going on vacation. Piercing needs rest and the cleanest possible environment for its healing.

We don’t conduct long-healing piercings from the end of April to the end of August.

Of course, problem is not that we don’t want to pierce you. That’s why we’re here. But we have a really bad experience with the long and complicated healingof these piercings over the summer. The decision, of course, is up to you. However, we consider it our duty to explain all the risks to you in advance. And we really recommend waiting for a more suitable time with long-healing piercings.

We also have bad experience with piercings and tattoos that people bring from vacation. These are often low-quality works, which we then treat in Hell or even pierce and tattoo again, ”adds piercer Shemon.