Mazacio is tattoo artist, graphic designer and new reinforcement for our Hell family. If you like pencil drawings, comic books and ilustrations, Mazacio is the right artist for you!

People know you as an illustrator, how did you start with it?

We were taught drawing and painting at art high school, we didn’t use much computers, so you got your hands on technique. Then I got into the university of Graphic Design, there I did graphics again. I always drew more, so I tried to use drawing in graphics whenever I could. So I became an illustrator.


How does it happen, that a graphic designer ends up with a tattoo machine in his hand?

I got into tattooing when my classmates started tattooing. Suddenly it started to look nice. It occurs to me that with hipster culture, tattooing has become a real art. It no longer means that whoever has tattoos was in prison. That’s when I got really interested. Then someone lent me a tattoo machine. The machine was absolutely terrible and the tattooed orange didn’t turn out very well either, but I said to myself that I wouldn’t give up so easily and I went for it to the fullest. I bought my own machine and started tattooing oranges and bananas.

And when did you replaced fruit by the human skin?

After about three months. My sister went under the needle first. Fortunately, I have a very tolerant family, so I eventually tattooed them all. I really enjoy tattoos. I finally found a job for what I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve been drawing in notebooks all my life, and now I finally have the opportunity to use it somewhere else. I also have contact with people, which I missed as an illustrator working from home.

So you enjoy to tatoo the things which you drew for the whole of your life?

It never occurred to me before that I might be a tattoo artist. I didn’t draw any of that with that idea. I love working with a pencil, it is a versatile tool. That’s what I enjoy transferring to tattoos.


When you’re designing a tattoo, do you approach it differently than a drawing?

The main thing is that the design must fit the body part cleanly. So I don’t design for width, I design for height. I’m also concerned that no one line merges with another. What works on paper doesn’t necessarily work on skin.

Where would you like to develop your tattoo style?

Now I’m combining black tattoo with one other color. One extra colour will complement it well and make it stand out. In the future, it is possible that I will combine this illustrative style with elements of realism or geometry. I really like full photorealism, but I wouldn’t have the nerve.


Do you prefer to make designs in advance and tattoo whoever applies for them, or do you work with the client from the beginning?

I definitely prefer to work with the client. I believe people come to me because they know what I do, they like my tattoos and they want my work on their skin. Not because I’m the tattoo machine person they know. I like it best when the client is involved in the design from the beginning. I don’t like it when a client comes in with no idea and just wants to “tattoo something”.