Piercing with Premium Jewelry Voucher

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Piercing in Hell doesn’t hurt

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False modesty aside. We are unbeatable in piercings. Our experienced piercers do all types of piercings – from simple earlobes to genital piercings. 

THell Premium jewelry, like Hell Standard jewelry, is made of high quality and certified materials. Premium jewelry has an internal thread for comfortable handling and much more interesting designs, often complemented by gemstones. If you go for lobe or cartilage piercing, Hell Premium piercings are a great choice. 

The voucher is valid for any classic piercing with Hell Premium jewelry. Sterilized Premium jewelry is used directly when applying the piercing or we use it later for healed piercing hole. It depends on the type of piercing and your anatomy. We’ll discuss it thoroughly before piercing in Hell.

For us, the piercing doesn’t end with a prick but with  complete healing. If there are any healing issues, your check-up and aftercare are for free in Hell.

The piercing voucher is valid indefinitely. 

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