Piercing gift voucher

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Piercing in Hell doesn’t hurt

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False modesty aside. We are unbeatable in piercings. Our experienced piercers do all types of piercings – from simple earlobes to genital piercings.

This piercing voucher is valid for any classic piercing, including jewelry. The price includes the application itself and high-quality gertified basic jewelry.

At first you get longer application jewelry due to swelling. After a few weeks, you come back to change the jewelry for a shorter one. Jewelry replacement is of course free.

For us, the piercing doesn’t end with a prick but with complete healing. If there are any healing issues, your check-up and aftercare are for free in Hell.

The piercing voucher is valid indefinitely.

You can get the voucher electronically or on paper. We send the electronic version via e-mail as soon as the payment is credited. The paper voucher can be picked up in Hell free of charge or sent to your address. Here it is necessary to add postage according to the price list.

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