To order vouchers or the book “Hlášky z Hellu”, please fill in the form below.

Tattoo voucher: 1500, 2000 or 3000 CZK

  • We do not tattoo massively popular motifs (dream catchers, feathers, infinity signs, inscriptions)

  • Our tatto artists are booked for a long time in advance, so they choose what they will or will not tattoo

  • Buy the voucher only if you know that the recipient wants an interesting tattoo and knows the style of artists at Hell

  • The voucher is valid indefinitely

  • If you hesitate how many vouchers to buy, check out the price list

Book „Hlášky z Hellu“: 190 CZK

  • The one hundred best tomfooleries in one book

  • Incredible situations from a tattoo studio

  • Illustrated by our tattoo artist Bára Evil Hand

  • Together with a voucher for a special price of 150 CZK

  • Book available only in Czech

Piercing voucher: 700 CZK

  • Voucher for any piercing including jewelery

  • A piercing from Hell doesn’t hurt

  • Jewelry exchange and free service during the healing process

  • The voucher is valid indefinitely

Please, note that..

… the voucher is valid indefinitely, it cannot be converted back into money, it cannot be bought without the price written. If you lose it, we cannot replace it. Vouchers can be sent through Czech Post (cash on delivery is 120 CZK), but the best thing is to come personally to pick them up in Hell. We will see each other at least.

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Pick up the voucher within 7 days at Hell, Přístavní 7, Prague 7. Payment only in cash (CZK or EUR). If you have chosen cash-on-delivery, your order will land at your post office in a few days.

The tattoo and piercing studio was established in Prague in 2004. By approaching body modifications in its own way, it has quickly become a legend. In addition to tattooing and piercing, we also perform heavy physical modifications, we do suspension, i.e. hook hanginf, and we organize the Hell Party.