4 ways to prove you have been tested with negative result

Finally! 11. 5. We’ll check at the reception.

How to prove you have been tested with negative result

You’ll have to show a negative test at the reception

  1. by showing the lab certificate that you have a negative antigen or PCR test
  2. or by showing a certificate from your employer that you have a negative antigen test that is less than 72 hours old,
  3. or sign an affidavit stating that you took an antigen test at school less than 72 hours ago and tested negative
  4. or have an antigen test done by us directly in Hell for 100 CZK. Don’t worry, we’re great at it. We test ourselves every three days.

If you have been vaccinated with both doses for more than 14 days, a vaccination certificate is sufficient.

And if you had covid-19 not more than 90 days ago, you can show a certificate from the lab that you’ve been through the disease.

How to arrange appointment

Piercing: by phone at 775 353 696. You can call Monday-Friday from 11.00 to 19.00. Expect a slightly longer ordering period than you are used to with us. First up are those whose appointments were cancelled due to the lockdown and those who signed up for the waiting list during the lockdown. Tattoos: make an appointment online or come to the studio for a personal consultation. In-person consultations must be scheduled in advance by calling 775 353 696. An antigen test is also required for an in-person consultation. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Modifications: for beading email Míla at me@hell.cz, for other modifications email Shemon at she-mon@hell.cz

We follow the hygiene rules like mad

1. You test yourself, we test ourselves

Poke, stir, drip, test. We, Hell crew, do this round of antigen testing every three days.

2. One on one

The regulations require us to have one staff member dedicated to one customer at a time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be able to do it here. We are tattoo and piercing studio, and we’re going through your skin, after all.

3. Hiding behind a paravan

In the piercing room, you are alone with the piercer. In Hell tattoo rooms, the workstations are much further apart than the prescribed two meters. In addition, we have added paravans to separate the workstations.

4. On time, please.

The simplest rule. When everyone is on time, we don’t have customers piling up in the studio unnecessarily. The receptionists remind everyone. Go to the studio on your own, leave the escorts at home for now. The exception is parents who are accompanying their minors.

5. Hello, disinfect yourself!

Everyone who comes into Hell disinfects their hands with hand sanitizer at the door. Don’t worry, we’ve got liters of it in Hell and a dispenser in every room.

6. Bye, bye sofas

We’ve long since replaced the fabric sofas in reception with washable chairs. It’s not so great, but we can sanitize the chairs regularly. We also spread the seating out in pairs and at safe distance so no one will be breathing down your neck.

7. Lunch break for germicide

Every day we disinfect the flooring, doors, handles, switches, chairs, toilets… And besides, we always light up the Hell premises at noon with germicidal lamps to sterilize the air and surfaces.

8. A chair

After every customer, we sanitise the chair. This is nothing new for us, we have always done it. Of course, we continue this disinfecting journey.

9. Respirator here, respirator there

We all wear FFP2 respirators or nano-masks. Customers and Hell crew alike. That’s a no-brainer. If you’re coming to us for a nose piercing, lip piercing or ear piercing, it’s clear that you’ll need to take the respirator off for a while. As soon as you’re pierced, you put on the respirator. We recommend that you take a clean one with you to go home in.

Illustations: our tattoo artist Bára Evil Hand, @evilhandtattoo