Classic and extravagant haircuts and dyes, hair extensions.

Dreadlocks and rasta

Dreadlocks from your own and artificial hair, pseudo dreads, rasta braids, cornrows.

Nail modeling

UV gel nail modeling and p-shine. We know how to take care of even bitten nails.

Eyelash extension

Professional “one-to-one” eyelash extension method.


Hairdressing, nail modeling and eyelash extensions

you find us at our branch Fallen Angel, Kováků 4, Prague 5 – Anděl


What can our stylists, Saxana and Monika do?

  • classic and extravagant haircuts and dyes

  • keratin or ring hair extensions

  • dreadlocks from your own and artificial hair

  • pseudo dreads, silky dreadlocks

  • rasta braids, cornrows


What can our nail specialists, Arza and Dája do?

  • UV gel nails

  • P-Shine

  • IBX system nail regeneration

  • permanent french manicure

  • nail prints and stickers

  • bitten nails treatment

Eyelash extensions

What can our eyelash specialist, Dominik do?

  • eyelash extension using “one-to-one” method

  • eyelash thickening

  • natural eyelash look

  • extravagant colors and lengths of eyelashes