Eyelash lengthening and thickening, make-up courses



  • eyelash extension using “lash to lash” method

  • eyelash thickening, eyelash extension, fake eyelashes, permanenent eyelashes, natural eyelash look

  • colourful and extravagant eyelashes

  • Contact: Dominik +420 727 916 548

What is good to know about eyelashes extension

Eyelash extension is done by applying one false eyelash to one natural eyelash. The eyelash will be lengthened, thickened, turned, but still looks natural. Such extended lashes are resistant to water, tears, sweat and pool chlorine. Extended eyelashes are gentle and safe for eyes, eyelid and contact lenses.

The length of the first application depends on the number of lashes applied, usually takes about 1,5 hours.

Replenishment takes approximately 2 – 5 weeks and takes about an 1 hour The interval depends on the power of your natural lashes, as well as the care you give to the extended lashes.

Avoid contact of the new eyelashes with water 24 hours after application. This is to maintain maximum time to complete the fixation of the cosmetic products. Therefore, we do not recommend visiting the pool, shower the eyelashes or otherwise soak.

48 hours after the application, we do not recommend visiting the sauna or engaging in physical activities such as spinnig, bikram yoga and other sports where eyelashes may come into contact with more sweat.

The eyelashes should be carefully brushed daily with a special brush.

Avoid rubbing eyes, or sleeping on your face. Carefully remove make-up with a water-based product (like micellar water).

If you have sensitive eyes, we recommend a sensitivity test before applying. We will glue one eyelash on each eye and then wait for 30 minutes. If no adverse reaction occurs, we will continue the application.


  • Semi Permanent make-up done by small handheld tool made of several tiny needles

  • Handmade semi-permanent make-up

  • Suitable for corrections of damaged eyebrows

  • Contact: Dominik +420 727 916 548

Microblading is a japanese permanent make-up technique done by small handheld tool made of several tiny needles. This method is the only one that can mimic the natural shape of the eyebrows. This method is done by hand. It’s done by drawing each individual eyebrow hair so they look very natural and almost indistinguishable from natural eyebrows. For the eyebrows, the density is added with individual hairs that match the natural eyebrows.

Unlike permanent make-up with a razor, microblading is applied manually. It uses a special tool that applies ink line by line. Microblading heals faster and creates a more natural effect.


  • Classical Sports&Relaxation Massage

  • Cupping to promote circulation and release spasms

  • Lava stones for deep warming

  • Head and neck massage for headache relief

  • contact: Janka +420 720 311 450

In Hell massages are given by Janka. She has ten years of experience in the Czech Republic and abroad, a bunch of certificates and incredibly skilled and tattoed hands. She enjoys classical (i.e. sports/relaxation) massage the most because she incorporates elements of every style of massage she has ever studied.

When not to go for a massage

Infectious diseases (even the feeling of incipient illness), acute inflammation in the body, oncological diseases, conditions requiring bed rest, more advanced forms of osteoporosis, hemofilia, after a heavy meal (min 2 hours), in case of intoxication

What a massage therapist needs to know

Skin injuries, pregnancy and postparthum, varicose veins,prolapsed intervertebral discs,epilepsy,

Sports/relaxation massage

  • Relaxes stiff muscles, helps remove hardened muscles and limbs
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Relieves stress

Cupping therapy

  • Stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Removes spasms
  • Eliminates joint and muscle problems
  • Intense, not suitable for relaxation

Lava stones massage

  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Deeply warms the muscles
  • Improves overall circulation
  • Not suitable with high blood pressure

Facial and décolletage massage

  • Improves skin elasticity and quality
  • Relieves stress
  • First aid for headaches
  • Prevention of wrinkles


  • “Make-up Addiction” courses have theoretical part, where you will learn how to orient yourself in the cosmetics market, which product is used for what, how to apply different types of products and how to use different types of brushes, and how to take care of them.

  • In the second, practical part of the course, the make-up artist will apply make-up on one half of your face and explain everything step by step. You apply make-up to the other half of your face by yourself. The make-up artist will guide you and give you clever tips

  • During the course you will fill in the face chart. Face chart [fejs čárt] is a face map on a special paper on which you will directly indicate which product was used and how to use it. Thanks to this face chart you will remember all the tricks you will learn in the course. It is also perfect tool for shopping cosmetics.

  • The „Make-up Addiction“ course is led by Dominik, our make-up artist. Yes, it’s the one at the top of the page. He hasthe completed training and courses of a professional make-up artist at Make Up Institute Prague and has been training on himself since high school.

  • To arrange an appointment with Dominik, call +420 727 916 548

Three-hours course

Make-up of a selected face part

When you need to perfect only a certain part of the make-up, which you do not know.

Most often we focus on cat eye, lips or eyebrows.

Course curriculum

  • aids and products for make-up

  • skin typology and skin care

  • base and contouring

  • Filling face chart

  • Most often we focus on cat eye, lips or eyebrows.

  • price: 2 000 CZK

Six-hours course

Complete day and evening makeup

When you feel like you need advice on more than one area of make-up. You will even try two variants of the complete make-up: natural and dramatic look.

Course curriculum

  • aids and products for make-up

  • skin typology and skin care

  • base and contouring

  • Filling face chart

  • Complete day makeup

  • Overall dramatic evening look

  • price: 4 000 CZK

Tetovací a piercingové studio vzniklo v Holešovicích v roce 2004. Tím, že k tělesným modifikacím přistupovalo po svém, se rychle stalo legendou. Kromě tetování a piercingu provádíme i těžké tělesné modifikace, věnujeme se suspension (věšení na háky) a pořádáme Hell Party.