Bára is the newest member of our Hell family. And because she is an illustrator, she draws her own original tattoo designs. Clean stylized drawings with strong lines and hatching are typical signs of her work. Sometimes evil, sometimes playful and cute. Meet our Bára Evil Hand.

How did you start with tattoing?

You can find Bára on Facebook and Instagram as @evilhandtattoo. Besides tattoo she is interested in illustrations and animations. She is a vegetarian for many years and in her home she takes care of a small dog, a big cowboy and an inflatable dolphin.

For many years it was my dream job. I have been drawing since I was a child, sometimes in high school I became more interested in tattoos, had the first pieces made on myself, researched and thought about it and learned. At first I was worried if I could do it at all, but then an unexpected financial injection came, I risked it and bought some good tools. After a few oranges, it was my turn to tattoo my tight, and then came a brave friend and an orca over the ankle, which still looks great!

What kind of motives are your favourites?

I really enjoy various stylized portraits, where in addition to the face, there is also other nonsense. Now I have started a series from Pulp Fiction, my friend has Mia on the shoulder, Jules is on the tight of an other customer and Vincent is waiting for the other. Otherwise, I also like to do various animals, stupidly funny motives, evil infernal shit, and even cute girly things.


Do you have any tattoo dream you would like to put under someone’s skin?

The fact that people want my authored designs, are satisfied and come back for more, so it is actually a dream come true. I would like to visit some convention or get a guest spot time to time.

What do you not want to attoo at all?

Realistic tattoos, full color designs, abstract things and watercolors. Well and no one makes tribals and asian symbols anymore, right?

You are an illustrator as well. It means that all your tattoos are original designs coming out of your hand?

Mostly yes. I don’t want to make copies, I always try to put something of my own into the designs. Even if the customer insists that he wants what he has chosen on the internet, I always modify the motif at least a little. The person who comes up with the picture of the already tattooed work is unlucky with me. It is one thing to be inspired by something, another to just copy it.


Do you prepare at home, or do you come up with the motive with the customer on the spot?

I like to prepare designs at home in peace. I’m used to creating digitally, using a drawing tablet and a computer. The designs are then better modified according to the customer’s wishes. I often send people pre-cast elaborate sketches, which we then finish together.

Who is your ideal customer? Does he have a specific idea or will he give you a free hand?

Fifty fifty. A free hand is cool, but it’s nice when people at least give me a topic. But then there are the imaginative punters who want a million corrections, because they got the design long in advance and showed it to all their friends and extended family. Then it still turns out that my original drawing is tattooed.

What is your tattoo style?

Clean stylized line stuff, hatch, time to time also black areas and shadows or dotwork. Exceptionally colored accents. Sometimes evil, sometimes playful, funny and cute.

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You call yourself Bára Evil Hand and you have “tattoed criple bitch” written on social networks…

I was born with a deformed right hand. Thanks to that, my village childhood was not very happy. But this later proved to be quite beneficial. I grew up to be an “evil monster.” The name Evil Hand came from my cursed hand, and I put the evil hand straight into the logo.

What are your other hobbies outside of tattooing?


In your tattoos you’re using mostly black, but your hair are pretty colorful…

At the moment I have them in blue, before that I wore less or more purple for a few years, it bored me after a while. I still remember a lot of blue and a lot of pink, I’m kinda spinning of this color spectrum. The color is not so important, the main thing is fringe!

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