We are Hell, your piercing & tattoo shop in Prague 7 – Holešovice. Over 15 years of experience. Friendly attitude, best tattoo prices.

The tattoo and piercing studio Hell.cz was established in Prague – Holešovice in 2004. By approaching body modifications in its own way, it has quickly become a legend. In addition to tattooing and piercing, we also perform heavy physical modifications, we do body suspension and we organize The Hell Party.

Hell is not only a tattoo and piercing studio. We are the center of the Czech body modification scene.

Philosophy of Hell.cz

We are anti-extremists and we do care what and whom we tattoo Most of us are vegetarians and vegans. We also use tattoo inks suitable for vegans. We perform all piercing, tattoo and modification safely and hygienically to make you and us happy. Are you interested in the whole philosophy of tattoo and piercing shop Hell.cz?

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Piercier a modifier

He is the founding member of the Hell studio, a piercer and a modifier. Míla mainly specializes in genital piercing and beading.


Piercer and modifier

Besides piercings and microdermals, She-Mon specializes in heavy modifications. He creates the majority of implants, tongue splitting, elf ears and other modifications. He has magical hands. He is dedicated to body modifications also theoretically.



Our head piercer Mirka can be found, of course, with a needle in her hand. This girls certainly knows, what she’s doing. Most of piercings she tried directly on her own body.



Arza is a piercer and is also in charge of organizing and producing Hell events as Hell Party or the Prague Fetish Weekend.



You will find Edna at the reception, where she will consult your tattoo or piercing with you. Besides working in Hell, Edna is dedicated to the art of bondage. She is the most famous Czech female rigger.



The loud Slovakian receptionist, who cleans up and rearanges things all the time, because she suffers from a mild OCD disorder. Besides her duties on reception she also takes care of bugshop, so do not be afraid to ask. She will be happy to show you and explain everything.


Receptionist, Massage Therapist

She works hard at the reception, but when she’s off, she enjoys watching horror movies (mostly hitting on a zombie theme), listening to music, and she also likes to open a book from time to time (for a graduated philosopher would be weird not to!). In addition, she is a certified massage therapist.



If you hear the sound of Marilyn Manson songs on reception, you can be almost sure that you’re about to meet Danny there. But this redhead doesn’t only sit on reception, he is also a part of the HellEvents team and prepares various events for you.


Tattoo Artist

Andy is dedicated to tattoo, fine arts and graphics. He plays heavy metal with a bunch of aging ‘hardcorists’ (hehehe), rides through dangerous dark woods on a bike, he likes to go for trips, and is devoted to his family.


Bára Evil Hand

Tattoo Artist

Bára Evil Hand is a tattoo artist and an illustrator with lots of crazy designs in her head. She works mostly with black and has perfectly mastered the outline technique.



Tattoo Artist

Any is in love with nature and fantasy. She likes drawing anything connected with animals, plants or fairy tales. She likes black and white tattoos (even in combination with gold) and color tattoos as well.


Nelly Vinteren

Tattoo Artist

Nelly travelled many countries until she seated in Hell. Inspired by horror movies, this cute lady seeks beauty in darkness and prefers complicated tasks with textures and different materials in tattoing, as well as horror and roses stuff.



Tattoo Artist

Mazacio is a tattoo artist, graphic artist and illustrator. Mostly he works with black ink, but that doesn´t mean he is afraid of other colors. When he’s not working on your design, he’s engaged in bouldering, having fun on a bike or practicing the saxophone.



Tattoo Artist

Single needle and ignorant tattoo enthusiast. If you fancy old school comics and underground based tattoo, Lukáš is the artist you’re looking for.



Tattoo Artist

Painter, traveler and most importantly a tattoo artist with a passion for mysticism and chaos. Do you want to turn your body into a piece of art? Svart is the right one for the job. Blackwork has never been darker!



Make-up Artist

Dominic is a specialist in eyelash extensions. For a boy, Dominik has a lot of firsthand experience with makeup and styling.

    Tetovací a piercingové studio Hell.cz vzniklo v Holešovicích v roce 2004. Tím, že k tělesným modifikacím přistupovalo po svém, se rychle stalo legendou. Kromě tetování a piercingu provádíme i těžké tělesné modifikace, věnujeme se suspension (věšení na háky) a pořádáme Hell Party.