Simply said, dotwork tattoo is a tattoo style where the tattoo is composed of dots. The more dots next to each other, the darker the surface, and vice versa. So you can play wonderfully with light and shadow. Dotwork can be used for whole tattoo or only its part. It works perfectly as a background or to fill bigger areas. Dotwork fits geometric motifs, but also mandalas, Hindu style or tattoos in the style of old line drawings. dotwork tattoo bw nayana

Dotwork can be used for original tattoo backgrounds.


1. Dotwork tattoo at a the first sight

You will recognize dotwork tattoos at first sight. They have an unmistakable subtlety, but they do not lack spatial depth.


2. Pointilism

Dotwork tattoo is often associated withpointillism. This is the name of the artistic style, where the image is formed by colored dots. Unlike pointillism, however, you will not find many colors in dotwork.


3. Colors

Simplicity is goodfor dotwork. Dotwork tattoo can be captured in pure black ink or the black ink can be completed with colors. Suitable is red or turquoise, which are rich and contrast beautifully with black ink.


4. Anything in dots

Any motif can be created using the dotwork technique. From realistic portraits through ornaments, mandalas to complicated geometry. Many motifs look much more interesting when processed as dotwork. And playing with optic illusions and space, dotwork is clearly the right choice. Hell dotwork tattoo geometry illusion tetování Kubo

Geometric and illusionistic dotwork tattoo.

5. Tattoos from Egypt

Body decoration with dotwork tattoos seems to have appeared in Egypt. Dottwork tattoos on the lower abdomen and thighs appear on Egyptian statues called Brides of Death. It was associated with seduction, attractiveness and femininity.


6. By hand or by machine

Dotwork can be tattooed by hand (so-called handpoking) or classically with a tattoo machine. In Hell, we use the second method. When we make a dot with the machine, the needle goes into one place several times, so the color in the skin holds much better. Nayana dotwork tattoo shoulder bw

Unusual use of dotwork.



7. Dotwork on the palm

The fact that dotwork tattoos have a lower tendency to fall out is due to the fact that the skin closes just behind the dot. The individual dots can also be placed a little deeper into the skin. That’s why you can tattoo your palms in this way, which is where tattoos usually fall out with another technique.


8. Originally

When you go for an original and unseen piece, think about dotwork. In dotwork artist can tattoo any motif and make a really unconventional impression. The thousands of dots tattooed by the artists can look light and have fine feminine lines, or they can be arranged to evoke sharp, hard shapes.


9. Philosophy

Our former tattoo artist Kubo, who has been involved in dotwork for six years, came up with a beautiful observation: “Dotwork tattoos are composed of individual points. And it all starts at one point and ends at one point. That’s why dotwork keeps fascinating. ” Hell dotwork tattoo deer jelen tetování Kubo

Any motif can be made as a dotwork tattoo,