The hooks have the advantage that they can be inserted anywhere if there is enough of skin. Yes, you guessed it right – people were already hanging by their asses. But don’t worry, there is no need to do that. We have prepared an overview of the most common tried and tested suspension positions. They will come in handy, whether you are going to the Hell suspension workshopfor the first time or we have already put some hooks into you. Suspension is not a race, but a ritual. While some are trying more and more demanding positions, for others, the back is enough for complete satisfaction.


Back or so called suicide

  • difficulty: for beginners
  • placement of the hooks: 1 pair in the back

If you are going to the Hell suspension workshopfor the first time, try this one. The skin on the back is very firm and at the same time quite insensitive. In addition, the person hanging on his back remains upright, which is definitely the most pleasant for the first time. This position is also called [suisájd]. It’s not exactly a sunshine name, but the person hanging on back because of his forward-leaning head really resembles a hangman. That’s why we usually say simply the back.



  • difficulty: for moderately advanced hangers
  • placement of hooks: 3-6 pairs, on the top of the back, lower back, thighs and possibly also the calves

In this position, horizontally and facing the earth, you really look like Superman in flight. This position requires several pairs of hooks, but thanks to this the weight is well distributed, so there is less load on the individual hooks. Some say it’s a very comfortable position. Superman is more technically demanding, because it is necessary to balance a person in a good position so that all hooks are equally loaded. But we have many years of experience in that, so no worries.



  • difficulty: for moderately advanced hangers
  • placement of the hooks: 3 pairs, in the back, on the thighs, on the calves

This position is called lotus because it resembles a man sitting in a lotus position while meditating. In addition to the main carrying hooks located in the upper back, the hooks are also in the thighs and calves and raise the legs to the specific sitting position. As with the Superman, everything needs to be carefully balanced so that all hooks carry the weight evenly. Thighs and calves tend to be quite sensitive, but don’t worry, the main pull on the hooks lies in the back when hanging.



  • difficulty: for moderately advanced hangers
  • placement of the hooks: 1-2 pairs on each knee

Some have hard skin on their knees, others soft and sensitive. That’s why for some people a hanging by the knee is comfortable, for others terror. However, the hooks can be placed around the knee in several positions, so we choose the least painful one. When hanging by the knees, the hanger is upside down, which is a very memorable experience. The skin around the knees is soft and relatively soft, so sometimes a slight tearing of the tissue occurs. But it’s nothing dramatic, rarely is the tear so big that it would require stitches. And we are also equipped for that.



  • difficulty: for advanced hangers
  • placement of the hooks: 3-6 pairs of chest, abdomen, thighs, shins

Coma is basically Superman, but you face the sky. The hooks are in places with sensitive skin, so this position is one of the most demanding. But watching sky while suspending is a great beauty.



  • difficulty: for advanced hangers
  • placement of the hooks: 2-3 pairs on the upper torso (chest and abdomen)

A man hangs by hooks in his chest and abdomen in a bent position. The feet point to the ground. The English name [resurekšn], accurately describes the position. The skin on the chest and abdomen is sensitive, so it is a position for experienced hangers.



  • difficulty: for advanced hangers
  • placement of the hooks: 1-2 pairs on the chest

A very demanding position, where all the weight rests on hooks inserted into the skin on the upper part of the chest, which is relatively sensitive. Hooks are placed in this place during the traditional Indian rituals of Okipa, which served as a model for today’s modern suspension.



  • difficulty: for advanced hangers
  • difficulty: for advanced hangers

As with resurrection, the hooks are placed on the abdomen, but this time only there, which adjusts the position to the shape of an inverted letter C. The skin on the abdomen is very soft and sensitive, this position is definitely not suitable for beginners.


Tandems and multi-suspensions

These are positions where several people hang on top of each other, so another person hangs on the hooks on the upper person. In two people it is a tandem, in more people it is a multi-suspension. These are really hardcore positions for really experienced people. Mila Bugtcher especially enjoys them. Take a look at the finals of Hell Party 2016, for example.


And so on

But our list is far from over. Shannon Larratt, founder of and a big whiz at all things body modification, has put together anillustrated list of 42 positions in which to hang from hooks. Check them out.